Zidane More than a coach, it’s a guide

“More than a coach, we feel like a guide”: Zinédine Zidane seen by the French football world
Thanks to her new success in C1, Zinédine Zidane made history in the Champions League as the first coach to win the trophy three times in a row. A performance that has not left indifferent the world of French football.

Olivier Létang *: “The intelligence to take his time”
“The words are sometimes overused, here we can really say that it is exceptional. The path of Zinedine Zidaneis anything but chance and luck. He has been one of the greatest players in the world but it does not guarantee to be a very good coach. He built this success by structuring his career: training, patience, work and humility. He had the intelligence to take his time. Even when he had his diplomas, he went on the field to observe, understand the environment and learn to master it. Working with Carlo Ancelotti was surely an important step for him, he has this same human management and a certain closeness to his players. It was hard to imagine him coaching when he was a player. There could be doubts about his rather shy, withdrawn personality, he was not very expansive.
It’s too easy to say that he was born under a lucky star, nobody had ever achieved such a performance, which proves that it is very difficult. After a complicated start to the season, we saw that he managed to find solutions with his staff to reverse the trend. Of course, it’s easier to win the Champions League with Real Madrid than with a smaller club. Only, today, several clubs have a very important financial surface and all do not win. Real Madrid is also a club with a very strong institution, which allows to have the tools to work well.

After his career as a huge player, he has already marked the coaching profession. He has extraordinary credit, he already had it before this new success. During the match, I asked myself the question: “The next step for him, what is it?” (laughs). A fourth time? It all depends on what Zinedine will want to do. The job of coach is not the same as that of coach but the path of the team of France is traced to him, whether in terms of skills or legitimacy.


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