Where to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 online

Month long the biggest soccer event on earth is starting from June 14th, 2018 in Russia, Ekaterinburg Arena. If you are living in USA you might do not want to miss these matches. Wondering where to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 online? You can watch FIFA world cup 2018 LIVE in USA online from any device like your computer, laptop, smartphone or even in your full HD plasma TV. Television network FOX, Telemundo, FS1, NBC Universo will broad cast the live matches.

Watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ LIVE on FOX and FS1

No cable connection required!

Enjoy a 7-day free trial. Cancel online anytime!

Also you will be able to Direct Video Record (DVR) every game including the bonus feeds.

5 more Bonus feeds for USA customers:

Match 360/Tactical View – Match 360 provides a behind-the-scenes look starting 2 hours before each match. At game start, the tactical view provides a high-angle view above one of the goals to show the entire field of play.

Team Channel (2 feeds) – Follow your team with a match simulcast paired with two isolation cameras – one on your team’s star player and another on the team bench. Plus real-time stats for the match to round out your experience.

Cable Cam – A match view from a camera suspended high above the pitch with a focus on the ball and the run of play throughout the game.

Highlight Feed – Miss the best plays? This feed is a loop of highlights that will be updated constantly throughout the match including goals, shots, key plays and best moments throughout the game.

We have listed the dates and tv channels name below:

DateTimeMatchTeamsTV EnglishTV SpanishLIVE
Thu, Jun. 1411:00 AMGroup ARussia vs. Saudi ArabiaFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Fri, Jun. 158:00 AMGroup AEgypt vs. UruguayFS1Telemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Fri, Jun. 1511:00 AMGroup BMorocco vs. IranFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Fri, Jun. 152:00 PMGroup BPortugal vs. SpainFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Sat, Jun. 166:00 AMGroup CFrance vs. AustraliaFS1Telemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Sat, Jun. 169:00 AMGroup DArgentina vs. IcelandFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Sat, Jun. 1612:00 PMGroup CPeru vs. DenmarkFS1Telemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Sat, Jun. 163:00 PMGroup DCroatia vs. NigeriaFS1Telemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Sun, Jun. 178:00 AMGroup ECosta Rica vs. SerbiaFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Sun, Jun. 1711:00 AMGroup FGermany vs. MexicoFS1Telemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Sun, Jun. 172:00 PMGroup EBrazil vs. SwitzerlandFS1Telemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Mon, Jun. 188:00 AMGroup FSweden vs. Korea RepublicFS1Telemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Mon, Jun. 1811:00 AMGroup GBelgium vs. PanamaFS1Telemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Mon, Jun. 182:00 PMGroup GTunisia vs. EnglandFS1Telemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Tue, Jun. 198:00 AMGroup HColombia vs. JapanFS1Telemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Tue, Jun. 1911:00 AMGroup HPoland vs. SenegalFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Tue, Jun. 192:00 PMGroup ARussia vs. EgyptFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Wed, Jun. 208:00 AMGroup BPortugal vs. MoroccoFS1Telemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Wed, Jun. 2011:00 AMGroup AUruguay vs. Saudi ArabiaFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Wed, Jun. 202:00 PMGroup BIran vs. SpainFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Thu, Jun. 218:00 AMGroup CDenmark vs. AustraliaFS1Telemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Thu, Jun. 2111:00 AMGroup CFrance vs. PeruFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Thu, Jun. 212:00 PMGroup DArgentina vs. CroatiaFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Fri, Jun. 228:00 AMGroup EBrazil vs. Costa RicaFS1Telemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Fri, Jun. 2211:00 AMGroup DNigeria vs. IcelandFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Fri, Jun. 222:00 PMGroup ESerbia vs. SwitzerlandFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Sat, Jun. 238:00 AMGroup GBelgium vs. TunisiaFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Sat, Jun. 2311:00 AMGroup FKorea Republic vs. MexicoFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Sat, Jun. 232:00 PMGroup FGermany vs. SwedenFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Sun, Jun. 248:00 AMGroup GEngland vs. PanamaFS1Telemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Sun, Jun. 2411:00 AMGroup HJapan vs. SenegalFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Sun, Jun. 242:00 PMGroup HPoland vs. ColombiaFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Mon, Jun. 2510:00 AMGroup AUruguay vs. RussiaFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Mon, Jun. 2510:00 AMGroup ASaudi Arabia vs. EgyptFS1NBC Universohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Mon, Jun. 252:00 PMGroup BIran vs. PortugalFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Mon, Jun. 252:00 PMGroup BSpain vs. MoroccoFS1NBC Universohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Tue, Jun. 2610:00 AMGroup CDenmark vs. FranceFOXNBC Universohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Tue, Jun. 2610:00 AMGroup CAustralia vs. PeruFS1Telemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Tue, Jun. 262:00 PMGroup DNigeria vs. ArgentinaFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Tue, Jun. 262:00 PMGroup DIceland vs. CroatiaFS1NBC Universohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Wed, Jun. 2710:00 AMGroup FMexico vs. SwedenFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Wed, Jun. 2710:00 AMGroup FKorea Republic vs. GermanyFS1NBC Universohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Wed, Jun. 272:00 PMGroup ESerbia vs. BrazilFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Wed, Jun. 272:00 PMGroup ESwitzerland vs. Costa RicaFS1NBC Universohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Thu, Jun. 2810:00 AMGroup HSenegal vs. ColombiaFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Thu, Jun. 2810:00 AMGroup HJapan vs. PolandFS1NBC Universohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Thu, Jun. 282:00 PMGroup GEngland vs. BelgiumFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Thu, Jun. 282:00 PMGroup GPanama vs. TunisiaFS1NBC Universohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Sat, Jun. 3010:00 AMRound of 161C vs. 2DFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Sat, Jun. 302:00 PMRound of 161A vs. 2BFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Sun, Jul. 110:00 AMRound of 161B vs. 2AFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Sun, Jul. 12:00 PMRound of 161D vs. 2CFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Mon, Jul. 210:00 AMRound of 161E vs. 2FFS1Telemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Mon, Jul. 22:00 PMRound of 161G vs. 2HFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Tue, Jul. 310:00 AMRound of 161F vs. 2EFS1Telemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Tue, Jul. 32:00 PMRound of 161H vs. 2GFOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Fri, Jul. 610:00 AMQuarterfinalW49 vs. W50FS1Telemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Fri, Jul. 62:00 PMQuarterfinalW53 vs. W54FS1Telemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Sat, Jul. 710:00 AMQuarterfinalW55 vs. W56FOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Sat, Jul. 72:00 PMQuarterfinalW51 vs. W52FOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Tue, Jul. 102:00 PMSemifinalW57 vs. W58FOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Wed, Jul. 112:00 PMSemifinalW59 vs. W60FOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Sat, Jul. 1410:00 AM3rd PlaceL61 vs. L62FOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
Sun, Jul. 1511:00 AMFINALW61 vs. W62FOXTelemundohttps://goo.gl/ffg3RD
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