The FIFA World Cup 2018 Final in Pictures

The FIFA World Cup 2018 Final in Pictures. That it was hard! At the end of a very delicate final, the Blues won the 2018 World Cup. From their start to stuttering match at the award ceremony, through the stroke of genius Pogba, back in pictures on the meeting.

The heyday

They are there! After a month of competition, the Blues attack their World Cup final, the third in twenty years. The trophy deposited a few minutes earlier by Philipp Lahm, German world champion in 2014, sees the twenty-two actors parade. The match can begin.

A winning team

Didier Deschamps chose to change nothing. He is the same eleven victorious as against Belgium and Argentina, with Matuidi on the left and Giroud in the lead. For the most part, they want to erase the painful memories of the final of the Euro, lost in 2016. For those who started in blue recently, like Hernandez, Pavard, and Mbappé, this is an opportunity to touch the stars from the beginning of their young international career

Pressure Blues

From the kickoff, urging Croats high their opponents and prevent the exit wound. But Raphaël Varane makes a start of the match in the continuity of his last performances. He takes all the balls of the head and reassures his defense. What keeps his afloat pending the near end … (Reuters)

France opens hostilitie

with the help of Mario Mandzukic! While the France team struggles to create opportunities, she inherits a generous free kick. Griezmann pulls him back, and the Juventus striker extends in his own goals. The Blues did the hardest. Or at least, believed it

The Blues suffer

What we thought was a bad start to the match, will actually be the story of the whole game. The men of Deschamps lose all their duels, are late on many actions and play even a few boxes (Hernandez, Kanté). Lloris, impeccable in her goals, is obliged to calm the throbbing of her men.

Perisic heroes

Nothing will work, the Blues head underwater. On a corner, the Deschamps players lose five aerial duels in a row and see Perisic hook Kante and hit Lloris with a half-volley shot. Everything must be done again


But Perisic, author of the sublime equalizer, will force his people to again chasing the score a few minutes later. On a new corner, this time French, the former Sochalien deflects the ball with his hand. With the help of the VAR, the referee appoints the penalty spot. Griezmann will put the French ahead by deceiving Subasic.

DD coaching

Despite the lead, the second period off again on the same grounds as the first. The French do not win any duels and miss most of their transmissions. In difficulty since the beginning of the meeting, N’Golo Kanté gives way to Steven Nzonzi. Didier Deschamps wants to calm the tempo in the midfield and bring size in the duels. (Reuters)

Pogba packs

Pogba packs the match
in since kickoff, Paul Pogba decides to change the course of the match at the hour mark. Author of a sublime opening Mbappé he is finishing the action to roll up his shot from the left and increase the advantage. More than offering a significant gap, his inspiration will really launch the game.


Croatia back in the game

it will be enough for overconfidence. Captain Hugo Lloris, though impeccable throughout this final, tries an improbable hook on Mario Mandzukic, who against the leather and scored the second goal of Croatia. Amorphe, the team of France sees the Croats melt on them.

Mbappé best young

With four goals in six games, Kylian Mbappé scored the World Cup his mark and showed his talent to the larger scale of world football. Before Modric received the trophy of best player of the tournament and Courtois of the best goalkeeper, Mbappé was crowned best young, punctuating a first very successful World Cup.

Deschamps extolled

Until final – especially in the final – the way has been questionable. But Didier Deschamps was able to build a solidarity group, very defensively and especially loved by the French. Worn in triumph at the end of the game, the coach of the Blues instilled his culture of winning a talented young generation.

The fate of a King

Without a doubt, we shall detect Kylian Mbappé. He whom the whole world compares to Pelé is the future of the France team. His carelessness, his maturity, his talent have splashed this World. At only 19 years old, the PSG striker is already one of the greatest in the world. His future is just as bright as his present

The second star!

The Blues can exult: twenty years later, the World Cup returns to their hands! This success also marks the beginning of a new era, that of a generation so talented, one of the most promising young people in the world. We are looking forward to 2022 .

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