Neymar is seriously going on a diet

World Cup, Group E: Neymar rises seriously with Brazil
Aligned on the left of the attack in the traditional 4-3-3 of Tite against Serbia, the Parisian feasted, being decisive for his own. And he reassured himself about his fitness at the start of the knockout phase.

We had left him in tears on the lawn after the match against Costa Rica, after ensuring the victory of his team in stoppage time (2-0). For this third decisive match against the Serbs, where Brazil could settle for a draw, we found the Neymar twirling and easy technically qualities that have made him one of the best players in the world before his terrible right foot injury in February. This Wednesday evening, at the Otkrytie Arena in Moscow, the Parisian feasted his technical gestures, as this small bridge on Kolarov from the first seconds of play. At the origin of several breakthroughs in the Serbian camp (2nd, 10th, and 29th) ), his shifts towards his teammates could have been decisive if they had been more accurate in the penultimate assists. His speed and percussion in the first period also spoke. Always taken by two or three opponents, he did not try to make too much ball with his foot and spent his time always seeking the right solution by his laser passes or reversals of the game. The former Blaugrana also took a shot at the goal, but his two shots did not mislead Stojkovic (25th, 45th + 1).
A decisive pass for Thiago Silva
Involved in 18 goals in his last 17 appearances with Brazil, Neymar, like his formation, first underwent a good ten minutes after the break, the Serbs trying, by all means, to return to the score after the goal of Paulinho (35th). It was he who tried to sound the Brazilian revolt, during a cons led by Coutinho but his left-wing shot was diverted by the Partizan Belgrade goalkeeper (57). Always so easy to hit the ball, and after playing his direct opponent, he shifted his favorite partner in the game, Coutinho, before seeing Rukavina throw himself and send the ball to a corner (67th). It is also on this set kick that allowed the five-time world champions to make the break, masterfully depositing the leather on the head of Thiago Silva (68), for a realization 100% PSG. The match was then folded, and the Brazilian No. 10 had only one goal in mind: to score to make his performance even more successful, and demonstrate to the football world and the selections still in the race in this World Cup that he was really back. His performance in the last ten minutes was also more annoying and frustrating. The Neymar was focused on the goal, but his strikes (83rd, 89th) and lob yet felt well (86th) were unsuccessful.
A sacred duo with Coutinho
If his game proves even more perfectible, marked exclusively by his will to keep too much leather, his performance against Serbia is his most successful since his return from injury in late May, during the first match of preparation against Croatia (2 -0), even if he did not score. Privileged partner of his team throughout the game, as evidenced by his number of balls hit (119, the largest of his team), he has generally tried to seek his partners on the front of the attack, including Philippe Coutinho (43 passes exchanged between the two!), Also author of a part XXL. This rise in power is very positive for Tite, who knows he will need a gala Neymar if he wants to see the chances of his formation to win a sixth world champion increase. There is the best, even the very good, especially during fastball transmissions that can enlighten the game of Brazilians and therefore always have a time ahead of the opponents. But Neymar has yet to correct some small flaws, including falling into ease when the score of his team is acquired.

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