France vs Croatia World Cup final 2018: Luka Modric the game master

France vs Croatia World Cup final 2018: Luka Modric the game master. Unsurprisingly, the coach of this Croatian team is Luka Modric since the start of the World Cup. Excellent since the start of the World Cup, the number 10 Croatian will be the main danger in the final, and France will have to find the solution to contain it.

After having prevented Lionel Messi from shining, mastered solid Uruguay and channeled Kevin de Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku, the Blues are tackling a new challenge. The last one before being able to lift the trophy. This time, the France team will rub Luka Modric’s Croatia. At 32, the Real Madrid midfielder makes a sparkling World Cup. In the first match against Nigeria, he won – it was not a surprise – as the master of the team Zlatko Dalic. A silky ball touch, an impressive playing volume and above all a delicious pass quality, Modric is the intelligent player par excellence, the one who can make the difference at any time. France vs Croatia World Cup final 2018: Luka Modric the game master
Of course, he is not alone and his teammates around him are also important in the functioning of Croatia. For example, in the first match against Nigeria, Modric played very low with Rakitic, which slightly reduced his influence on the offensive game. Admittedly, he was still as important in the circulation of the ball and in the regulation of the game, but he weighed less in the last thirty meters. Thus, Marcelo Brozovic – left on the bench against Nigeria – is very important for the balance of the Croatian midfielder and to release Modric (and Rakitic). Facing the French team, the player of Inter Milan should be tenured before the defense, which will allow Modric to play higher, as it could be the case against Argentina. France vs Croatia World Cup final 2018: Luka Modric the game master
The king of statistics
Since the beginning of the competition, Modric has played the role of a true playmaker in this Croatian formation. Whether it is lower on the field or a little higher, he decided the tempo to give to the game of his team. For this, he has always been omnipresent in the midfield, where he touched a maximum of balloons (more than 100 against Denmark and Russia). Thus, he was able to steer the game as he pleased, alternating short and long passes, to Ivan Perisic on the left or Ante Rebic on the right. For Modric, it’s nothing complicated for him, with an average of 87% average passes per game since the beginning of the World Cup, the highest total in Croatia. But if it is so precious, it’s not only because it loses very few balloons, it’s also because he knows how to put his partners in an ideal position to shoot. The numbers show it: Modric is the player who makes the most key passes, almost three per game on average, two times more than Rakitic and Mandzukic.
And if the match against England showed that he was starting to tire, Modric was able to find the resources not to break down physically. The middle has never stopped running, he accumulated the efforts and he even showed that he was very useful defensively: he is the third best interceptor of the team but also the third player to perform the most tackles since the beginning of the World Cup. But to destabilize France in the final, Modric must especially exist offensively and play higher than he was able to face the English. France vs Croatia World Cup final 2018: Luka Modric the game master
Individual marking or isolation?
What plan will implement Didier Deschamps to try to reduce the influence of Modric in the final? “There are many factors to take into account, it takes a long thought to know how to neutralize such a player, says Raynald Denoueix. And even if we manage to contain it, there are other talents next. ” A puzzle, therefore, for the coach of the Blues. To prevent him from developing his game and to make speak his great qualities of the pass, France could opt for an individual marking. An option already used with Lionel Messi in the round of 16, scored in the pants by N’Golo Kanté and Blaise Matuidileaving the Argentinian with a minimum of space to express himself. It remains to be seen who could take care of Modric Sunday night. Deschamps could also choose to isolate the number 10 Croatian, a slightly riskier option and that would require a lot of rigor. It would be for the Blues to deprive Madrid of solutions by blocking Rakitic, Mandzukic, Rebic, and Perisic. “Luka does not play football, he preaches,” former international Mario Stanic said in Sportske Novosti, a Croatian newspaper. Do not comment on his game. Just watch it and admire. ” The Blues, they must especially prevent it from shining.

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