Brazil-Mexico football fight in statistics

Brazil-Mexico football fight in statistics, Brazil has never been dropped since the quarter-finals of the World Cup ever since 1990. Mexico, on the other hand, missed the second round of the last six World Cups. At the World stage, he could not beat Brazil at one stage, scored 11 goals.

  • Tetter Brazil are unbeatable in their last 15 competitive matches. Since 1999, seven out of the last 15 games against Brazil have won Mexico, the rate is five.
  • Russia has so far tried to drill 42 times more than the Brazilian forward Neymar. Argentina’s Lionel Messi is closest to 28 times by drubbing.
  • Neymar has got 18 goals, which is more than any other player in the tournament.
  • Brazil have taken 56 shots in their three matches at the group stage. It is the highest among the teams that survive in the tournament. The last sixteen opponents took Mexico 44 shots.
  • Tellamento has so far attempted to pass 1,884 passes to Celesta, which is 631 more than Mexico.
  • Mexico has scored 297.66 kilometers in three matches in the group. In less than this tournament, only ran Panama less than this. Brazilians all run together 313.4 kilometers
  • Only Spain, which has survived the tournament, has been able to keep the ball more than Brazil in Spain. In three matches, 111 minutes 4 seconds, Tito’s team has bowled on their feet. On the other hand, Mexico’s ball pauses 88 minutes 30 seconds.
  • Two yellow card shows in the group stage, Mexico Defender Ecker Moreno cannot play the last sixteen
  • Three Brazilians (Philippine, Casimiro and Neymar) and three players in Mexico (Eder Errera, Miguel Léon and Hesus Guárdó) and seeing a yellow card will read a match ban.
  • Brazil and Mexico have faced themselves 40 times. In contrast to the 23 Latin American champions, Mexicans win 10. Two teams have been seen four times in the World Cup. The first three shows Brazil win In the 2014 World Cup final group stage match in Brazil. The match was a noisy draw.
  • For four times in the World Cup, Brazil could not score any goals in Mexico, it has digested 11.
  • Brazil could not get past the quarter-finals in the 1990s.

Mexico has not been able to make any title in 56 World Cups so far. It’s the record of not having won the most matches on the world stage, but it can not win the title

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