Alex Morgan comforted a crying Thailand player after Team USA’s 13-0 smackdown of Thailand in its first match of the World Cup

The America women’s national team got off to a rousing begin at the 2019 tourney, beating Siam 13-0 in a very game they dominated from beginning to end.

Alex Morgan diode the manner, grading 5 goals. Afterward, she showed some smart fairness once she is comfortable AN upset player on the Siam team.

As the 2 sides barrel hands once the match, Morgan was seen caressing Thailand’s Miranda Nild, showing to supply some words of encouragement as Nild got clogged up.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl, Morgan is alert to Nild, who, like Morgan, attended the University of Calif., Berkeley. “I simply met her within the corridor, therefore it’s already friendly,” Morgan told Wahl. “I introduced myself to her. I used to be the proactive one, therefore I have already got the sting thereon. I am extremely excited to envision some fellow Cal Bears … For Miranda, it’s simply such a good chance. She’s a player that is shown very well with the Thai team.”

During and when the match, there was some discussion on whether or not Team USA ought to have relented to stay from running up the score. when the match, several of Fox’s associate degreealysts united that it’s a lot of disrespectful to an opponent to prevent attempting.

The U.S.A. is about to play Chile next and Thailand faces a Scandinavian nation.

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