Yunis Abdelhamid (Reims): “The World Cup? I think about it a little bit »

Yunis Abdelhamid (Reims): “The World Cup? I think about it a little bit »
Elected best league player in February, Yunis Abdelhamid has an excellent season with the Stade de Reims. Before his match in Nancy, this Saturday, the central defender agreed to devote a few minutes to

” There are only eight games left this season and Reims is eleven points ahead of the second. How could you not be a champion next May?
In any case, we must keep the state of mind we have since the beginning of the season, with determination. Continue to take the matches one after the other to get the three points each time. If we continue like this, there is no reason why we are not. We believe because we are first since September, and the closer the Championship is nearing the end, the more we think of the title.

What makes it work so well this year?
We really have a good band and a good atmosphere. We will say that we have set our own goals. And we all pull in the same direction.

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If the Stade de Reims is as strong, it is in any case largely thanks to you. You are part of the best defense of the Championship (Reims has conceded 18 goals in 30 days) …
It’s true that we have the best defense. We work the fundamentals: tight team block, close intervals and spaces … It’s really a collective work, and that’s why we are so difficult to move on the field. All these efforts pay.

After the experience in Dijon, we say that it is better to be in Ligue 2 than substitute in Ligue 1?
Yes ! We enjoy, we savor because it is not given to everyone to play the title in Ligue 2. The football goes very quickly in one direction as in the other. It changes Dijon or even Valenciennes, where I always played the maintenance. When we pass a certain age, we want to have fun on the field, we do not have time to learn. At 20, if you’re on the bench in Ligue 1, you can adapt a year or two in his club. I preferred to go down a notch in an ambitious club, and for once, it really smiled. Even if some things do not happen.

How did you host the title of best Ligue 2 player of the month of February?
I will keep this as a very good memory. The work of the defenders is not often rewarded. We really have to start scoring goals. I’ve scored four this season, all in a month and a half, so when it happens it’s exceptional. And it will remain etched in my memory, with the fact that we are experiencing an extraordinary season …

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And if we speak globally, is it a Rémois who must be designated best player of the Championship?
I think it could be Diego, Siebatcheu or Chavarria. These are our three most prominent players.
“We will have to fight next year to maintain ourselves”
Before planning in 2018-19, there is the possibility of playing the World Cup with Morocco. Do you think about it?
I think a little bit. As a Moroccan, and having already been selected with Morocco, it is a dream to play it. I’m already focusing on my club, it’s the only thing that will take me there. I know that I’m leaving with a small handicap because I was not part of the last gatherings. But as long as the list is not made, I remain determined to work. And whatever happens, I’ll be behind Morocco at 100%.

What do you think is the objective of Moroccan selection in Russia?
Knowing the coach, the staff and the players, the goal is to pass the first round. It’s a very difficult group, we know it. The World Cup has been prepared very seriously, we have our chances. It will be necessary to enter the competition against Iran. Our first two matches are the two most “affordable”. I say in quotation marks because in Portugal there is Cristiano Ronaldo. And when we see the Spaniards correcting Argentina, it’s scary (laughs) . But everything is playable. Why not us ? Collectively, Morocco has the right players to challenge big nations like Ziyech, Harit, Belhanda or Benatia.

If you are not traveling, will you meet with Reims next season?
Yes, of course, we fought a whole season to get into L1. It will fight next year to maintain. And I will answer present with the Stade de Reims. “

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