Uruguay-France: Tolisso! Nzonzi! Dembélé! What is the ideal choice to replace Matuidi?

Uruguay-France: Tolisso! Nzonzi! Dembélé! What is the ideal choice to replace Matuidi?. Blaise Matuidi suspended for the World Cup quarter-final between Uruguay and France, Thomas Lemar or Corentin Tolisso hold the rope to replace him. But they are not the only two options.

Thomas Lemar, the technical choice
If the presence of Blaise Matuidi at the start of a game leaves some doubt about the game system, that of Thomas Lemar leaves (almost) none. If he has already appeared in a midfielder, the future player Colchoneros would probably be positioned on the left of a 4-2-3-1 if he was tenured. With, therefore, N’Golo Kanté and Paul Pogba in a mid-two. At his proper post, on the left side of the attack, Lemar could bring a superior technical quality to any other player present in the twenty-three. The left foot of the neo-Madrid could be an undeniable asset.

His precision on set-pieces would be invaluable, knowing that it was on this type of action that Uruguay conceded its only goal in the competition, by Pepe against Portugal (2-1) in the round of 16. Faced with a block together in which it will be technically precise, Lemar could more than anyone unlock a situation, for example by performing the pass that breaks the lines. Of course, all that depends on the shape of Lemar, whose appearance against Denmark (0-0) in the group stage has not convinced, far from it. Uruguay-France: Tolisso! Nzonzi! Dembélé! What is the ideal choice to replace Matuidi?
Corentin Tolisso, the post for post
Another player who did not score a lot of points during his sole tenure of the World Cup, Corentin Tolisso is also tipped to take the place of Matuidi. His presence in the starting lineup would mean a French team in 4-3-3, with Kanté and Pogba alongside the Bayern Munich player. Among the contenders for a placeholder, Tolisso is the one with the profile most similar to Matuidi: a relay runner with an ability to project.

It’s positioning on the right side of the middle would allow Pogba to slide to the left, at its preferred position. Also, in front of a low block, what the Uruguayans could put in place, Tolisso could be very useful to the Blues: the former Lyonnais is, like Pogba, endowed with a non-negligible quality of striking, and the distant shots could to allow the defense to come out. Not to mention also that Tolisso has qualities of recuperator superior to those of Lemar.
Steven Nzonzi, for the set pieces
The fifth midfielder on the list also has a say before the quarter-final. As for Tolisso, his presence would mean a 4-3-3 for the France team, with Pogba in the middle runner left. The difference would be that Nzonzi would take the place of sentinel to Kanté, who would find himself at the post of relay runner right, a position that he likes even more. With this composition, Didier Deschamps would ensure a more defensive midfielder, more solid.

Another guarantee that the presence of Sevillian would bring: that of the physical. From his height ninety-six, Nzonzi would be an undeniable asset in the air, whether in the duels in the middle or on the surfaces, both in defensive and offensive phase. Faced with Uruguayans deemed difficult to move, the player trained in Amiens could be valuable.
Ousmane Dembélé, the choice of speed
Like Lemar and Tolisso, Ousmane Dembélé had a chance in this World Cup and did not seize it. The Barcelona could however also take the place released by Matuidi, and occupy the left side of the attack against Uruguay. This would clearly be the most offensive choice. Dembélé would bring more speed than the other options, but the young striker would have much to do to manage to overflow Martin Caceres, author of a big performance against Portugal.

The option Dembélé is perhaps not the most judicious face to a low block and very grouped as certainly will be that of Uruguay: there will not be many spaces to sneak, then that he needs to express himself. This was the case against Italy in the warm-up match (3-1), much less against Australia (2-1) in the first round. It would also be a risky choice on the defensive, with a player sometimes reluctant to make the effort. Uruguay-France: Tolisso! Nzonzi! Dembélé! What is the ideal choice to replace Matuidi?

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