To read this week in France Football: Mohamed Salah, the pyramid climb

To read this week in France Football: Mohamed Salah, the pyramid climb, In less than a season, Mohamed Salah has entered another dimension. Prolific goal scorer, he will play in a few days his first final of the Champions League against Real Madrid. This week, France Football is back on the career of the Egyptian, from his complicated beginnings to his glory days.

It’s the story of a talent that could never have known greatness. However, for Mohamed Salah , it seems that the train has passed a second time. In its new issue, France Football goes back in time and narrates the tumultuous tale of the Egyptian striker, from his debut in Basel to his difficulties in Chelsea, through his loan to Fiorentina. The opportunity also to trace the story of the number 11 of the Reds, which carries the weight of a whole nation on the shoulders. At 25 years old, he must assume greater responsibilities in the approach of the World Cup.

Another deadline of very high level, the Champions League. If Liverpool is in the final, it owes its flair, of course, to have invested 42 million euros on the puny and fast Salah, then young promise of Roma. Result of the accounts: more goals than CR7, within a trio more than formidable. In his record on the Egyptian, FF also recalls the importance of the two attacking accomplices of Salah, Sadio Mané and Roberto Firmino .
“If he still scores some goals, I convert to Islam”
Finally, Mohamed Salah is a great romance with the fans. At Anfield, in front of what is perhaps the most beautiful public in Europe, all are admiring an attacker hitherto unknown. From there to change of religion? With a touch of British humor of course. ” If he scores another few, then I’ll be Muslim too! “(” If he still scores a few goals, I convert to Islam “) has sung together the passionate Reds cohort since the beginning of Salah’s idyllic epic. And maybe this is just the beginning of the adventure.

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