The Brazilians are smiling again

Cries: “The Brazilians are smiling again”. The former OL defender, current coach of the Lyon reserve, takes a reassured but measured look at the state of La Seleção, whose jersey he has worn sixteen times.

“Since the summer of 2016, coach Tite has put things in place, with a mix of veterans like Thiago Silva or Marcelo and the younger generation. He built a stronger, more collective team that has a winning mindset. There is a star -Neymar- and the team will play for her. The selection is giving people the smile that was missing at the World Cup at home. I tell myself that we can even win the next edition. Neymar, Coutinho and Gabriel Jesus remind me of the offensive trio Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Rivaldo, winner of the 2002 world title.

I have a reserve anyway: Dani Alves is at the end of his career and the defense does not have elements as strong as Cafu, Roberto Carlos, Lucio or Edmilson, world champions in Japan. With the horrible 7-1 against Germany in 2014, the Seleção had lost its soul, along with the respect of our people and fans around the world. I very badly lived this game and its aftermath … In my flesh. I was there, it’s as if I was on the field with the yellow jersey. Four years later, I still have a ball in my stomach. The next World Cup should allow us to erase that cursed day. “

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