Senegal may blame itself; Japan VS Senegal

Senegal may blame itself; Japan VS Senegal
The animated match between Japan and Senegal this Sunday. If everyone had their time, the two countries split on a rather logical draw (2-2). With goalkeepers who were major players in the meeting … The Senegalese, before twenty minutes from the end, maybe slightly upset.

The lesson: Everything remains to be done
The stake was simple: between these two victorious selections of their first match, a new victory this Sunday and the round of 16 approached seriously. And in the end, we are no more advanced than that since Japanese and Senegalese have not managed to separate (2-2).

It was Senegal that started well, with a quick opening score thanks to Mané, who took advantage of a mistake from Kawashima (0-1, 11th, see below). In the wake of the goal, the Lions of Teranga made the best impression and remained quite high on the field. What to put the Japanese in check and very little danger. And while we hardly expected, Kagawa’s teammates equalized thanks to a nice shot from Inui (1-1, 34th). The consequence of a lucky control Nagatomo in the surface and a wagon a little slow on the spot.
The rest was much less lively. Until the hour and a big-time Japanese: Osako, after a center of Shibasaki, missed the ball within six meters (60) before the excellent Inui does not touch the bar of a new well-worked shot (64e). Seven minutes later, while they were in trouble, the Senegalese scored a second goal thanks to Wagué, after a superb job of Sabaly (1-2, 71st, see below). If the African selection then thought to have done the hardest, it was without counting on a fast equalizer of Honda (2-2, 78th), after a cap trip of N’Diaye, the Senegalese goalkeeper. Before a match ended without glitter. A scenario that will not regret next Thursday …

With four points each, Japan, who will face Poland, and Senegal, who will challenge Colombia, will have to get their ticket for the eighth in the last match. In a pool H that looks suspenseful.
The winner: Sabaly affirms
Not easy to bring out a very successful Senegalese this Sunday. Overall, the men of Aliou Cissé were quite disappointing and have done well with this success. However, the first 25 minutes had been promising, like a big Sarr activity on the right. Implied on the two Senegalese goals, Sabaly, on the other hand, confirmed his very good dispositions of the first match. His good strike caused Kawashima’s foul on the opening score. His good work, after a pass from Mané and a clever little roulette in the area, then benefited Wagué at the far post for the purpose of the victory. Positioned on the left side of the defense in this tournament, the Bordeaux is very applied in its placement, its interventions and its availability on the offensive plan.
Losers: Two generous guardians
The two gatekeepers had a leading role in this match. On the one hand, Eiji Kawashima: for him, it’s a very delicate season. If he had been able to show some interesting qualities with FC Metz, the last of L1, the Japanese goalkeeper had still fetched the leather 60 times in 29 games in 2017-18. Only beaten by a smart Quintero free kick against Colombia (2-1 for the Japanese), Kawashima was missed against Senegal. After a good movement between Sarr, Niang, and Wagué, the latter crossed at the far post. Haraguchi awkwardly prolonged the leather on Sabaly who hit the goal. Wanting to clear points, Kawashima sent the ball into the shins Mané, happy to conclude (1-0, 11th). What plumbing Japan entry. Fortunately, he was recovering well five minutes from halftime by intervening against Niang (39th). His vis-à-vis was not left behind. While his teammates had taken the advantage, N’Diaye was distinguished by a rather calamitous exit after a center of Osako. At the far post, Inui crossed for Honda who concluded then that N’Diaye was no longer there (2-2, 78th). We must now hope for these two goalies that their “performance” will not cost too much for their selection next week … Diaye was no longer there (2-2, 78th). We must now hope for these two goalies that their “performance” will not cost too much for their selection next week … Diaye was no longer there (2-2, 78th). We must now hope for these two goalies that their “performance” will not cost too much for their selection next week …

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