Rabiot, a story (already) ruined with the team of France

Rabiot, a story (already) ruined with the team of France. Adrien Rabiot and the France team, a story far from having started in the best of ways
Six selections, not really match reference, a poorly made statement, and therefore a refusal to be a substitute for a World Cup: between Adrien Rabiot and the team of France, the story is far from having started on the good rails. The proof in five moments.

November 3, 2016

In front of the journalists, Didier Deschamps announces his last list of the year 2016. Twenty-three players brought to face Sweden, in a very important match in view of a qualification at the World Cup, then Ivory Coast for a friendly meeting. In the middle of Lloris, Griezmann, Gameiro, Sissoko or Kurzawa slip the name of Adrien Rabiot . Appeared nineteen times with the Espoirs, PSG midfielder opens the A’s door for the first time at 21 years old.

November 15, 2016

After the victory of the Blues against Sweden four days earlier (2-1), the French team goes to Lens for a match without a challenge against the Ivory Coast of Aurier, Gradel or Kalou. From the kickoff, Didier Deschamps chooses to launch Adrien Rabiot in the big bath. In an environment with Pogba and Kanté, the Parisian honors his first cape. And he even realizes a good performance, without showing any fear or apprehension. “In constant movement, he brought his availability with a technical quality above average,” says even FF in his end notes. With an encouraging 6/10 for Rabiot to the key.

March 28, 2017

His first real big test with the Blues. The evening opponent at the Stade de France: Iniesta Spain. Rabiot is the starter at the start, preferred to Matuidi. And the former Toulouse remained only half-time on the lawn. Time to lose several balloons and be too shy in his intentions. “Less sharp than club, he was content to do the wiper on his side,” FF analysis after the game. His note? 3/10.

October 7, 2017

The kind of statements that follow you a long time. In Bulgaria, for a part counting for the qualifiers of the World cup, Adrien Rabiot enters from the 34th minute to replace Kanté, wounded. Once again quite disappointing, the capital club midfielder appears in the mixed zone against journalists and cowardly: “It was hard enough because it was cold, I was not hot. I was also afraid of hurting myself. “It’s hard to understand this sentence when you come out of such a match, especially with that face. And his words, taken everywhere, have not really done good in his image …

March 27, 2018

His last appearance in Blues, on the lawn of Russia (3-1 victory). With a few degrees more than in Bulgaria, but still with a level far enough from what one would expect from him. Rated 3 by FF, Rabiot was replaced by Matuidi ten minutes from the end. Without glory. From there to imagine, henceforth, that his counter in Blues will remain blocked at six selections for a long time?

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