PSG wins its 12th Coupe de France against a heroic Herbarium team

PSG wins its 12th Coupe de France against a heroic Herbarium team. And four for PSG! After the Champions Trophy, the League Cup and the French Championship, the club of the capital has won the Coupe de France with the National Herbarium Club (0-2). Tom Thumb has heroically defended so that the score is not more severe, but never weighed offensively.

The Herbaria first resisted thanks to their poles

In this unpublished finale, Les Herbiers had the passion and envy of the one who had nothing to lose. And in the first seconds of the game, the resident of National has even offered the luxury of spinning the ball before getting the first corner of the match on a shot Flochon (1st). But it must be said, the Vendeans have never worried the PSG during this final. They did, however, have the merit of resisting, well helped by their right amount. It was first Lo Celso who found the amount after the leather came back (5th). Then, from a small ball above the defense, Motta looked for Mbappé, who was crossing his recovery directly. The attacker found in turn the base of Pichot’s post (8th). And as they say, never two without three, since Lo Celso, found on the right side of the surface, wrapped a balloon love that touched again the ridge (20th). Decidedly, Paris was not painted at the beginning of the match, and Les Herbiers had the gods of football with them. Clear opportunities, to which we can add the head of Di Maria (19th) and the powerful strike of Rabiot (23rd), who both passed over the cages.

Despite a goal, the sterile domination of PSG

The generosity of Herbiers has therefore embarrassed the Parisians more than expected, since we approached the half hour of play that Paris had still not made the difference. But finally, the Parisians, ultra-domineering, found logically the fault. From a distance, it was Lo Celso, the most dangerous player of the first act, who was shaking the nets Herbretais, after his third attempt. At 25 meters, he shifted his left foot in the axis and adjusted Pichot by far an unstoppable brush shot (1-0, 26th). The hardest was done for the club of the capital. We thought then that the Parisians would roll out their football to win with a comfortable lead. But they took the time to break, lacking realism in the other side. They were slowed in their march forward, especially because of a goal strangely denied for a hand of Marquinhos (50th), and the interventions Pichot before Cavani (54th) and Mbappé (70th). We had to wait almost fifty minutes after the opening of the score for Paris to sink the nail …

Cavani puts Paris in the shelter

Paris strikers clashed throughout the game on Dequaire or Fofana, which for example countered the ball of a Mbappé on his right foot at the entrance to the surface (68th). So much so that we even thought that the PSG, by dint of spoiling, could scuttle itself if it continued. But Cavani finally put his own permanently safe, getting and then shooting a cross penalty (74th) at the start of the last fifteen minutes of play. What to put an end to the little suspense that still existed in this part . Paris could finally lift the foot, heading straight for his 42nd victory in national cup, his 24th in the Coupe de France. The men of Masala, after a splendid course, they will be able to be satisfied to have held in Paris a long time during this match, and of to have one last time shudder his supporters with a good Flochon ball for Couturier, who stumbled on a Thiago Silva (90 + 3rd). But a second final awaits Les Herbiers this weekend in Beziers, as part of the maintenance in National.


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