Find the impressions of our special envoy after the elimination of Paris SG against Real Madrid Tuesday night in the 8th finals of the Champions League.


The public of the Park has kept its word
Unlike the players (see elsewhere), the Parisian fans have perfectly fulfilled their role Tuesday night, even if they could have avoided the too many smokes cracked during the meeting and will be zero doubt sanctioned by UEFA. Whether during the warm-up, the entry of the players or during the meeting, they made the Park tremble, recalling the warmest European moods around the Porte Saint-Cloud. Unlike some spectators/consumers who did not hesitate to leave the enclosure after the goal of Casemiro (80 e ) late in the game …

Zidane, Ronaldo and all the others … the Real remains a machine of war
Imagine a little: Basel, Isco, Kroos, and Modric on the bench Tuesday night at the Parc des Princes. More than one coach would have torn his hair … Which did not stop the Real has to offer a lesson to the PSG. The credit goes to Zidane, who sent Emery back to his studies in the Basque Country after two tactical lessons and paying choices, but also to a Madrid collective where Vasquez and Asensio met the expectations of their coach perfectly. And what about Ronaldo, around his 12 goals in the Champions League this season, he who had already been the author of a double in the first leg? As soon as spring comes to a head, the five-fold Golden Ball recalls the memory of all its detractors. Like his team. From the highest level.

Claw shots

Words, always words, more words …
If PSG had been as good on the field as on social networks or in pre-match statements, Real Madrid would already be ejected from the Champions League. But here, the high level is played on the green rectangle, not elsewhere. Even less behind his smartphone or once the microphones stretched. King of the “talking”, using big strings (Henrique) putting the pressure on the referee, the Parisians appeared emptied psychologically from the kickoff. No revolt, no desire to upset the people of Madrid and never disrespectful – in the good sense of the term – Emery’s men have not put the necessary ingredients to show themselves worthy of the appointment. A failure all along the line that testifies, there too, the distance between the two clubs. Real is an institution when Paris dreams of being.

Verratti the incorrigible annoyance
At 25, the Italian international is no longer a delight in the nursery. And yet, in spite of the experience, he always falls back on his way. Ball at the foot, it is a sublime player, we saw him again in the first act Tuesday night, but the level behavior is a sore! At the 66th minute, he just way too vehement claim a fault with the referee comes out the second yellow and returns to the locker room. At his age, this is no longer possible. And if it continues on this ground, the Transalpine will never have the expected career. Not a mess yet, but be careful …

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