Premier League: what future for Antonio Conte, who should leave Chelsea?

Premier League: what future for Antonio Conte, who should leave Chelsea. It’s almost a certainty, Antonio Conte should no longer be on the bench next season Chelsea, the fault of his bad relations with management and disappointing results in 2017-2018. If the future of the former coach of the Nazionale remains unclear, FF goes around the options he could have at his disposal.

An Italian club, Naples in pole

If a return to Juventus Turin is excluded, Italy is not an option to dismiss for the Italian technician. Maurizio Sarri, the coach of Naples, could leave his heart club at the end of the season and President Aurelio De Laurentiis would be interested in an arrival of Conte on the bench Neapolitan. Excited by his work and very Italian in his way of seeing football, Antonio Conte has the necessary characteristics to seduce a demanding Neapolitan public. His defense three would not be a problem in San Paolo, used to the play position Sarri, and Conte would have a very important right of scrutiny on the transfer window, sine qua non-condition on his arrival on a sideline.
But if Naples can see in Antonio Conte the suitable substitute of Maurizio Sarri , some tifosi interistors would also see a good eye the arrival of the native of Lecce Giuseppe Meazza. Not sure whether to play the Champions League next season or retain Luciano Spalletti, Inter could position itself on the 48-year-old coach. Nevertheless, the lack of resources of the Asian shareholder and the obligation to sell some of the best elements of the eleven could cool Conte, while AC Milan , for its part, will extend the adventure with Gennaro Gattuso.

A sabbatical year

Paris has Tuchel, the Nazionale has Mancini and the other tracks are not hot for Antonio Conte. So that one might think that the ideal for the Italian coach might be to take a sabbatical year. It never happened to him in his coaching career, started in 2007, but Conte could be well inspired to make this choice, which had succeeded to Jurgen Klopp, now in the Champions League final after a year of vacation between Dortmund and Liverpool. For Conte, the sabbatical year could also be the way to pause and wait for the doors of the biggest European stables open to him, while few clubs will change coach and some have already been appointed. Thomas Tuchel had for example chosen not to return to the bench after his departure from Dortmund and is now in Paris. It remains to be seen if the sabbatical year corresponds to the boiling temperament of Antonio Conte …

Stay in London … for Arsenal?

This is perhaps the most unlikely option: sign at Arsenal. After two seasons in Chelsea, Antonio Conte knows that the place is free among the Gunners after 22 years of Arsene Wenger’s loyal service.. And the idea might not be so incongruous. In a wealthy club, Antonio Conte would have the opportunity to play the maestros at all levels and would especially have the opportunity to obtain full sports powers, provided that his superiors finally decide to spend as much as cash. In addition, Arsenal will not play the Champions League next season, as when he arrived in Chelsea, and the tactical transalpine would have the leisure to devote to the Premier League, a trophy that escapes the former club Thierry Henry since the invincible 2004. For Arsenal, who was cut off under the foot by the Paris Saint-Germain about Thomas Tuchel, bringing Conte could also represent one of the most beneficial options, in a completely different style, of course, to get off to a good start after the Wenger era…

An exotic freelance?

It is a track not to be discarded. Antonio Conte has never driven far from his European bases but, like Fabio Cannavaro, Fabio Capello or André Villas-Boas, taking a club in China may be an option. Obviously, a freelance in the middle empire would have an interest almost exclusively financial, but, unlike a sabbatical year, it would have the virtue of not completely cut the bridges with the coaching profession and the advantage a new culture to discover. Negative point, however, exile in Asia remains the best way to be forgotten, even if being known in the eyes of Chinese investors, ever more likely to get involved in Europe (Milan, Inter …), could well be an advantage when you return to Europe.

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