Neymar did not say anything

Neymar did not say anything, After everything is over, he came to the press and said at the press conference he did not believe in fate. Football is a goal game. You will not be able to score goals. His team has got many opportunities to score goals. But the team could not return to the team in time.

Brazil coach co-authored statistics Brazil took shot shot 26, 9 goals were goal oriented. On the other hand, Belgium has been able to keep 3 goals in total with 8 shots, and it has scored two goals. That’s football. Belgium has concluded the attack.

Belgian party is great, he said earlier as he After the match, the opponent has fizzled once more. Brazil’s ‘professor’ did not hesitate to accept. But there is nothing to say that his sons have tried their best. At the end of the day a team wins, at the rate of a team – that’s football And it has accepted Brazil coach.
The smile that smiles only after every match, except for the first match with Switzerland, that smile. Roberto Martinez, Belgium coach, has brightened with laughter. This was the best match for him by the Spanish coach of Belgium. Belgium has reached the semi-finals, like a team like Belgium, it is happy. After that, if he stops in the wheel of the Belgian chariot, he will not have any sorrow.

Kevin de Bruena could not spread the light in the previous matches, but in the real time he got the fire. Scored a ball, was attacked by a spear. The Man of the Match came at a press conference with the coach, saying that the semifinal preparations are ready. In the St. Petersburg Semi-final, France will meet. Manchester City’s playmaker Warne sent warnings, “Now the situation of our team, it seems, we can win with France.”

On the way to the bus, Kevin de Bruna said these words are new. Along with him, Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku, Maruean Fellayani. Smile at all. After winning such a victory, there is no exception to the smile. Belgian players have reached ‘all the countries.’
The Brazil team is like this, they also get late in the mixed zone, Harley. After losing Mexico 2 hours later on Mixed Day. After two and a half hours after the defeat to Belgium

At first Brazilian media officer came and told, no one will talk. But can not you speak without anyone? Paulinho, Miranda, Gabriel Jesús spoke to insist on journalists. All eyes are red From the eyes of Paulinho, it seemed to me that it was a little over-crowded.
Miranda said in a slow, calm voice, he is not taking any decision on his future now. It is understood that in the corner of mind, the country has saved the dream of Copa America next year, Russia is one of the best center-backers of the World Cup.
Neymar did not say anything. Many Brazilian journalists screamed ‘Neymar’, ‘Neymar’, Neymar’s eyes covered his eyes.
Gabriel Jesús, however, spoke. Brazil’s ‘Nine Number’ but did not score any of the goals. Russia is returning to the World Cup with great sorrow. Jesse has said that there is nothing to blame anyone, “as we went to the quarter-finals in the team, I went out of the team.” Success and failure are all our teams. ‘

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