Les Herbiers dominate Chambly (2-0) and qualify for the final!

Les Herbiers dominate Chambly (2-0) and qualify for the final!
With goals from David (28th) and Gboho (81st), Les Herbiers dominated Chambly (2-0) and qualify for the first Coupe de France final in their history!

The first half-hour herbretaise
In this unprecedented semi-final between two National clubs, the tone was soon given. And it is especially Les Herbiers who took the game on their own, putting a lot of intensity from the first seconds of the game. The first head of the stirring Rocheteau (2nd), well diverted for a corner by Doucouré on his line, was only a first warning. The Vendée club has in fact cornered the Camblysiens in their last thirty meters, realizing several centers and even trying from afar, during the first third of the meeting. The high-flying striker, Dabasse, was then well launched deep, but his cross shot from the left was much too crushed (27th) to worry the opponent. By dint of pushing, Les Herbiers ended up by forcing the lock just before half an hour of play. After Bongongui’s good work along the sideline, his center came from the right halfway up to find David, who came out and opened the scoring with the ends of the crampons (1-0, 28th). Pinoteau, the Camblysian guardian, could do nothing. And without having realized the least parade, he had to go and get the leather at the bottom of his nets.

Chambly was not successful
Despite the Vendée domination of the first half-hour, which led to the opening of the score, Chambly did not disassemble as much. And rose paradoxically in power after conceding this goal. So that Montiel had an incredible opportunity to bring the two teams tied in the first act. But his diving head, or rather his recovery of the shoulder, after a center came from the left side, just died next to the amount of Pichot, beaten on this blow (41). Before that, Chambly had timidly shown the tip of his nose, including striker Lassana Doucouré. But the latter missed his shot from the left (14th), then was too short to beat the exit of the goalkeeper Herbretais (18th). And the clumsiness, or lack of success on the side of the visitors, was not finished. After the free kick just next to Laidouni (62), Montiel again decreasing his head … which landed this time on the right amount Vendéen (64th). Twenty minutes before the end of the game, Chambly had given up his best chance to return to the game.

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