France-Argentina: Messi, it’s playable!

Messi, it’s playable! Before France-Argentina, the spotlight of our special envoy on the stakes and the forces involved
Between a Griezmann under tension, a Deschamps who plays big, a fivefold Golden Ball capable of everything or any other World Cup that begins, find the analysis of our special envoy in Russia before the shock France-Argentina.

The Blues are breaking records in Russia. But if there are some reasons to rejoice! Especially among statisticians. For history, Hugo Lloris will confirm his place in the club of hundred against Argentina (101 caps) to consolidate his place among the seven “centenarians” of French football with Thuram, Henry, Desailly, Zidane, Vieira, and Deschamps. This same DD will still display its name at the top of a column. By leading his 80th match on the tricolor against Albiceleste, the coach – appointed in July 2012 – will become the coach most capped the Blues. But Deschamps probably has nothing to do with these numbers. “They are only happy” as he says. His career has mostly called trophies. His record is two pages and all the columns are well filled. That of the multi-titled player in France, Italy, England, Europe and the world. That of the club coach with Monaco, Juventus Turin, and OM. But RAS for the moment as a coach. A finalist place (Euro 2016) does not count on a CV. Deschamps does not push the vice until writing it. Not more than a reference in a top 8 even at the 2014 World Cup. So, a regression at the foot of the world’s top 16 in Russia would be experienced as a sacred snub by “Dede La Gagne”. Especially since he was at his second boss World Cup with an “exceptional generation”.
This eighth final against Argentina is, therefore, an opportunity to reveal to the world. The introduction was worthy of a neighborhood grocer, to hoard his points and his goals as we total his cents. This startup offers a balance sheet of small arms, the first place of a Group C more than bland, with matches without flavor in the game and without emotion in front of his TV or stands. The highlight of this first round will be the continuous whistles of the 78,000 spectators of a rebellious Loujniki in the Danish porridge of Moscow.
Deschamps, unusual tension
The Albiceleste has everything to take off the Blues and put them in the orbit of the game to believe in this second star. It’s a good time to climb to avoid the ridiculous crash. This Thursday afternoon, DD has come close by relocating, at the last moment, his training of the Glebovets stadium in his base camp looped four laps. He made a “rake” to the press because he is irritated to see his team compositions announced “48 hours” in advance. A reaction synonymous with tension in a man usually more secure of his forces.
This hide-and-seek file still has a size index. No need to repeat the ranges in good conditions. The team seems known to have already been aligned. She feels the one who has managed the best half of the six periods of the first round. It was the first against Peru (1-0). This 4-2-3-1 offered more guarantees in defense with a more compact block where the eccentric environments did not balk at the task (Mbappé and Matuidi). Argentina is not Peru but DD seems to have put – definitely – the offensive ambitions of his young class in the closet. He knows that a big tournament is won first behind. The Australian system (4-3-3) is therefore stillborn. Having a defense to a conceded goal (on a penalty against Australia) can reassure when the “chip” will come to scrape the leather.
Messi, the one who can change everything
The factor of this match, Argentine side, will be this fantastic Lionel Messi. His name can offer all the puns, the five-ball Golden Ball France Football is the player who can turn everything on one side or the other or both at once as a god of the ball. The Argentinians relied on one of his triplets in qualifying the Amsud zone against Ecuador in the final match. He pulled them out again last Tuesday, opening the scoring and the way to the knockout stage against Nigeria with a sequence and an exceptional goal. Messi in the gesture.
“Lionel has a technical touch like no one,” warns his Barcelona partner. He does not do a leg warmer but with a hook or a double contact, he can eliminate anyone in a flash. Me who rubs him every day, I assure you that it is very difficult to stop him. He is so unpredictable. He has exceptional qualities. We will try to stop him as we can. ”
Griezmann, to think of the Ballon d’Or
At the Blues, Antoine Griezmann has to wake up to support the match of two sacred monsters of La Liga. The star of Atlético will be at the center of a world-class meeting between the vice-champion of the world and that of Europe. Now that Germany is home, it’s almost a finale before the letter … on paper. But if, the “Grizou” end of the season in Spain, the best player of the final of the C3 against OM (3-0), can support the thesis of the rise to power as the Euro 2016 where he had exploded with the chopper matches and the knife under the throat. The poster salivates as much as the remote Messi-Griezmann duel. The third of the Ballon d’Or FF2016 must come out at the top of these legendary matches to compete for the most prestigious trophy. He has a playing card. Winning would eliminate Messi from the race. After that, there may be Cristiano Ronaldo in the quarter to make a strike. The Egyptian Salah is already in front of his post in Cairo. The solution, for him and the Blues, will go through a course worthy of a potential world champion. There may be 2006 in 2018. A difficult course in pools before an enthusiastic flight against Spain, Brazil, and Portugal until the final against Italy we know. The players had then much more experience and thickness (Zidane, Barthez, Makelele, Vieira, Henry …) and they had taken the keys of the truck to Domenech to avoid the wall of Berlin.”Do not forget that fourteen players were not at the Euro, that five made their first World Cup match against Australia and as much against Denmark, he recalled, this Friday in Kazan. This brings indulgence. Do not stick to the impression left in the group stage for most teams. This is also true for Argentina. It goes or it breaks. There is no choice. ”
“Another competition begins”
The Blues now have the youngest selection of the eighths (26 years of average age). But it’s DD who chose all his players. “Another competition begins”as the coach says. There are reasons to hope: in a Hugo Lloris find, a defensive block that holds the road, a Kante-Pogba pair of high-flying and a Mbappé that the world envy us and now the youngest player of this World and scorer French World Cup. “Grizou” can make a hit. The revolt must rage in Kazan, on this revolutionary land of Tatarstan. These matches inspire fear.

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