Do you know how Iceland managed to beat Messi?

The Iceland team suspended Argentina and Messi in the first match of the Mundial. Many have asked a question – how did you manage it? The reason is not a specific tactical outline but a policy of politics. The country has taken care of sport there. Everything started with amateur football. Let’s consider this in Georgian context.

In June, Slovenia will host UEFA Amateur Tournament, a group stage game of “Regions Cup”. One of its participants will be “Chabonama” Poti, which became Georgia’s “Amateur Cup” in 2017.

“Amateur Cup” is organized by Georgian Amateur Football Association, Georgian Football Federation, and Georgian Football Development Fund.

At the end of Georgia at the UEFA “Regions Cup” in 2008, After that, there was a serious crisis in this direction and the tournament was unprecedented.

Poti players’ opponents will be Slovenia’s “Maribor”, Romanian “Bouazu” and Scottish “Sentral Skyland”, which are the best amateur teams in their respective countries. On June 5, in the same stadium – Romanians, and on June 11, at Velenier Stadium – Scotland, they will meet Slovenians in the “Sports Center” of Slovenia.

“Amateur Football League” is an enthusiastic youth initiative. In 2015, after the launch of the test championship, they founded an “amateur league”. From this, we started cooperation with the Georgian Football Federation, which saw the growth of human resources in this initiative

Increased humanity in

amateur football championship started in the spring of 2016. The first and most important goal of the association was football development and popularization, and in this regard, the goal was to exceed the plan:

According to Berdia Jibladze, president of the Amateur Football Association, 231 amateur teams and 5130 amateur players took part in the tournament and in 2017 – up to 400 teams in the 49 municipalities and 10 thousand amateur players.

At the same time, there was a sharp increase in the number of registered players in Georgia: if this figure was 12,000 in 2014, by the end of 2017 almost 20 thousand. Since 2016, the number of teams and players is constantly growing. But there is still a resource – these are regions where football has not been developed yet.

“Amateurs Cup 2018” is also held and one of the main goals of the association is the restoration of sports infrastructure. In 2017, around the world, games were played at more than 70 stadiums.

The scale of the project in 2018 will be much higher. According to Jibladze, huge works are being carried out in terms of restoration of stadiums. Some stadiums were inactive, where nothing was being carried out as pasture and restored only by the project.

Infrastructure is an important part of football development and this project is undoubtedly outstanding.
interesting, will the amateur football and the last government plan merge? Everybody knows that on May 15, after the recent events, a special meeting was held on the initiative of Georgia’s Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili to develop a healthy lifestyle action plan.

“Sports activities are not half of the average European rate in Georgia, we have to double this year and reach Europe, this is our plan that will be short-lived.

The appropriate infrastructure will be created in the country, the budget will provide not only the capital expenditure to create infrastructure, but also reflect on social articles to enable people to use this infrastructure, “- said the Prime Minister.

Mikheil Kavelashvili, chairman of the Sports and Youth Affairs Committee of the Parliament of Georgia responded to his initiative:

“Our parliamentary committee is working with various international organizations, experts and local specialists for this purpose and preparing work for creating national strategies for sports and youth policy.

I’m sure the developed mass sport is the cornerstone of these two fields that will bring many good things to the country as well as sports achievements and other destinations.

This is health care, education, criminal situation, sports tourism, economics and especially the security of the country. With this decision, we will achieve at least twice the number of people engaged in sports.

One of the tasks of our team is to create contemporary equipped sports complexes throughout Georgia, which will be financially available for each citizen of Georgia and whose management strategy will be maximally effective.

Also important is the reform of school sports. We have to work out special programs in the field of physical education of the schoolchildren. “A

tough environment and a
model model will

also say that Georgia’s” Amateur Cup “draw is also supported by the foundation of the year, which is the direction of mass football that responds to the last government initiative.

In the governmental assertions, the Prime Minister ordered that the country’s sports infrastructure and needs should be completed within a month and when the plan is prepared, the priorities will be reflected in the state budget.

That is why there is a significant legislative initiative to ban their profile in case of privatization of sports facilities.

Generally, young people do not have the opportunity to enjoy free of charge and sport. Or what healthy lifestyle do you have when building stadiums on the stadiums and parking lots? We have written many times and will write once – in recent years, we have lost 40 stadiums in Tbilisi, many sports base is destroyed, free swimming pools and sports halls are almost impossible. A two-trained trainer in parks and squares cannot change everything.

Finally, if a quarter of the funds distributed in the government and municipal bonuses, we will get a much more healthy environment and sport an active country. That would be the best drug addiction.

Do not forget – After the football has developed in the country, the number of alcohol and drug addicts reached a catastrophic number, and the government saw salvation in sports masses.

Thus, Iceland has taken two rabbits: sport has been well developed and drastically reduced the number of alcohol and drug dependents.

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