“A 2 CV against a Ferrari”, “an incredible seriousness”, “they are not jaded” … The PSG, King of France seen by his vassals

“A 2 CV against a Ferrari”, “an incredible seriousness”, “they are not jaded” … The PSG, King of France seen by his vassals
It is with panache that the PSG resumed its scepter, a year after leaving it to Monegasques princely. And by the very admission of his “victims”, there was nothing to do to prevent this coronation.

Olivier Dall’Oglio: “They are not jaded”
Dijon coach, beaten twice by PSG in L1 (1-2, 0-8).
“Their talent makes the difference, for me it’s the main thing. But we must recognize that there is also a collective that, in the Championship, showed its determination and regularity. And without this collective base, this team would not have succeeded. And then, what quality finish offensive! They can score at any time. If we take our example, the 8-0 we took home, they never released the pressure.
By leading 4-0 at half-time, they could have, but not at all, continued to play hard and that, they might not have done it last season. From my bench, I said to myself: “Ooh, it’s going to be long, very long …” I think that there is a real desire in them to leave nothing. It was seen in their intentions. At 3-0, when they put the fourth goal, we see them all very happy, not jaded at all. It really made the difference. ”

Lucas Tousart: “Verratti and Rabiot, the key pieces”
Midfielder Lyon, winner of PSG at home (2-1), defeated at Parc (0-2).
“On the way out, we had already held them and we had not really gone far. We knew how to approach them back. But even for Lyon, it’s a feat to beat PSG. OL is a great French club, but the means that Paris, the players it has recruited, is an entirely different dimension. They are practically unplayable … except we, we beat them! Moreover, each time we faced them this season, we felt a superiority but we did not feel that they were untouchable. In any case, it’s possible to annoy them, and that’s what we did.
It’s very complicated because they have more arguments than us. Their technical mastery in balloon conservation is impressive. In the middle, they are players who like to have possession. It is necessary to adapt, to run a lot because they handle the ball very well. But, suddenly, they do not like running too much when they do not have it. You have to try to keep the ball in the rare moments when you have it. Verratti and Rabiot are for me the centerpieces. Their pass quality, their game vision is something. They are still trying to keep the ball alive. ”

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